Hi, I'm Aidan — a documentary & lifestyle portrait photographer. My life began in Chinatown, Manhattan. While I swear I remember a brief glimpse of those New York City streets from the comfort of my stroller, by the time my memories became solid I was living in the Hudson Valley in Upstate NY.

It was a quiet, slow-paced existence, and I filled it with movies, sleepovers, and crushes. So many crushes. When my parents got divorced my first thought was now I'll have something in common with the boy I liked. I was in first grade. I maybe had an unhealthy obsession with romance stories.

At Temple University in Philadelphia I majored in Theater for two seconds, Undeclared for a minute, before settling on Film & Media arts with a concentration on screenwriting. Cinema today is still a major influence on my work and where I consistently turn to for inspiration. In 2018 my now-Husband and I moved to NYC after I was accepted into the Documentary Practice & Visual Journalism program at the International Center of Photography. There I learned to never write bios in the first person and did my thesis project on the history of women shaving in the U.S.

Roadtrip Selfies

Mine & and my partner's hairy legs from my ICP thesis project "And So It Grows"

When I pore through the hundreds of photos I take with my clients, I feel this overwhelming connection to these lives that, through all our past actions, led to your memories and mementos being in my hands.

I love random moments and letting go of control. I also love putting on different personalities and acting out characters, especially with my husband who does the best accents. I think anything can be beautiful in the right light. I embrace the mess and finely curated with equal excitement.

Theodore, the best boy

I want to find out what your idea of fun is and roll with it, immerse ourselves in it. There's no simple moment too mundane or grand adventure that's too farcical.

But enough about me

What about you?

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